Lauren currently acts as the Creative Brand Manager for the Superfood Latte company, Blume, where she’s built out the brand identity, social media strategy, creative team and collaborated throughout the development of a holistic marketing approach, leading to 300% growth 2 years in a row, and still growing.


Lo Sereno presents a sensual and sophisticated approach to barefoot elegance. The ten-suite hotel exists in a balance of romance and adventure, including a gourmet Mexican concept kitchen, sourcing local fresh ingredients daily. The bar and dining are are open-air and encapsulated by the hotel’s glittering black infinity pool. Lo Sereno provides all the amenities a modern traveller may desire, curating brands worldwide for an all-sensory experience. One visit to Lo Sereno and you will always have a home to return to on the beach.


La Casa in simple. We aren’t the kind of travellers who plan a trip, go on it, come back to our normal routines and say we’ve been there. We live in a constant state of experience, exploration, and collaboration. Our wording is clear, concise, and not overly done. It doesn’t exaggerate and it doesn’t sell. Our guests are of a similar mind-frame. They like quality over quantity. The don’t need to be showy or to document everything. They want to get their work done, to get good food and move through life in the flow of things. Our words aren’t rushed, our visuals aren’t overdone, and our sentences are clear. You get it if you get it.


Caroline Jones is the Principal Owner and Designer of Painted Door Designs.  Offering Full Service, E-Design, and Custom Design Consultations, she raises the standard of spaces of her clients in both residential and commercial projects.  With a strong belief that beautiful designs create a positive emotional response in the brain — Caroline elevates our capacity for happiness through her work. PDD believes in a better space for everyone but also a better quality of life and it all starts here.


With Analog Coffee's new at home subscription service, you can enjoy your favourite coffee beans hand-roasted, fresh at your door.  Go to the website, select your coffee, choose the amount, have Analog roast and ship to you at the peak of freshness.  Energize yourself from the first step (or push) out your door.


Everybody has a different path to finding their Peace. To get there includes many practises and rituals that contribute to the function of our most natural self. For us, two of the most optimal methods for finding Peace include connecting with your soul, and connecting with the planet. Our goal is to inform demonstrate, and inspire ways that we can leverage these connections in a conscious way — fostering our most natural ally: ourselves.


Through doctoral research in plant-based medicine and the symbiotic existence between our external environment and internal health, Nicolette Richer empowers consumers to reverse already engrained disease. The goal of Nicolette Richer as a whole, is to bring to light the capabilities we have within ourselves as human beings to sustain our highest wellness potential.